Thursday, August 4, 2011

School Supplies, Backpacks, labels, OH MY!

Ok, my twins are about to start kindergarten and I am trying to be extra organized and on top of it! School supplies are done. I finished the day the stores put them out.. what can I sat, I love school supplies shopping. The only thing I had a hard time finding was Manilla paper, and that was just because the stores had not put it out yet. Anyway, I also researched backpacks, and even ventured on to Twitter and asked a pro, Kate Gosselin herself, which backpacks she recommended. 8 kids, I figure she is probably about the best person to ask.. except for maybe the Dugger lady, but her kids are homeschooled, so what would she know about a backpack! Anyway, Kate suggested LL Bean bags. So I looked them up, and they do in fact have THE best reviews, and even a lifetime guarantee/satisfaction, no questions asked. After much deliberation over color and style, my boys picked out their favorite and LOVED it when it arrived. I also had a groupon or living social deal for those cute waterproof labels. I am creating them today online, and will let you know how they actually hold up in the dishwasher...
So, between all the kindergarten craziness, it's been hard to find time to sit down and blog for you all ;/ sorry! Now, I am in vacation planning mode.. we will be heading to the beaches of florida next week... can't wait.. white sand, clear water!

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