Thursday, September 9, 2010

Get todays groupon! Stomping Grounds Playland - 6 bucks!

I have talked about stomping grounds before, and today is the day to get a coupon for it! For 6 bucks today you can get admission AND a kids meal.. that is a GREAT deal! Stomping grounds is an indoor play area and cafe. There is a LARGE play area and even a smaller section just for 2 and under. You can sit and drink coffee or eat and enjoy free WIFI while the little ones wear themselves out! Anyway, the deal is only available today, but you can use the groupon anytime! You can buy 2. Use my link and i get a referral bonus! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New HEALTHY snack my kids LOVE - Win 4 cases FREE!

Let me start by saying my kids hate fruit. I have to hide things in pancakes to get them to eat any fruit other than an occasional bite of banana. However, I have discovered a new snack! I have only been able to find it at walmart so far, and they are 1.00 a pack. The ingredients: Fruit. That's it. They are simply freeze-dried-- that's it. Not baked, or dehydrated. No added sugar or sweetner. Too good to be true?? Nope! They are light and crispy and my kids LOVE them. It also helps that they have Mickey Mouse on them. Brothers All Natural teamed up with the Disney food line and so the packaging is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I am beyond excited. I googled the company to find out more and discovered there is a blog called FAVEDIETS that is holding a contest right now to win 4 cases... go here to enter:

Good Luck!

Dr. Thomas-- GREAT Eye Doctor! Eyes & Optics Pearland

I recently took my 4 year old twins to have their eyes checked for the 1st time. I have only been to pearle vision/TSO type places before, so was a bit hesitant to book an appointment at a "non-chain" place, but it was on my insurance and it was close, so we gave it a shot.
So glad we did-- Dr. Thomas was WONDERFUL! It is a private practice, a super nice and clean office and is located in the same parking lot as Academy/Hobby Lobby/Houston Swim Club.
She was so nice and was great with the twins. Dr. Thomas is very hands-on and did ALL of the testing and exam herself. I know in the past, at places like pearle vision, many times a tech or someone will do the basic eye tests, and then the dr. comes in at the end..not here.
The receptionist was very nice upon arriving. Dr Thomas was super nice and did not rush us at all. In fact, after dilating their eyes, she walked with the boys to look at frames and try them on and then took them back and tested them again to see if there were any changes in their vision. She does have a variety of frames available for kids and adults. We were not able to find any narrow enough for my son, so she said she would call her rep and have them bring the full line for us to try on and get fitted. The receptionist called me about 30 minutes later to schedule a time for us to come back that was convenient for us. She also told me that one of my sons only had a borderline prescription and that while i could get him glasses, she said i could wait a year and recheck to make sure before i spent the money because it could improve-- Most places would have just sold me the glasses to make a profit!
I just was so pleased with the entire experience and thought I would share for anyone who may be in the market for a new eye doctor.
** They also do free exams on infants through a program called InfantSee -- i believe that was the name of it.
Eyes & Optics of Pearland
2802 Business Center Drive, Pearland, TX 77584-2188 (713) 436-6005
Dr. Lisa Thomas
Also-- i have the BEST pediatric dentist as well-- Dr. Pamela Clark @ Pearland Pediatric dentistry... i will blog on that later!