Thursday, September 2, 2010

New HEALTHY snack my kids LOVE - Win 4 cases FREE!

Let me start by saying my kids hate fruit. I have to hide things in pancakes to get them to eat any fruit other than an occasional bite of banana. However, I have discovered a new snack! I have only been able to find it at walmart so far, and they are 1.00 a pack. The ingredients: Fruit. That's it. They are simply freeze-dried-- that's it. Not baked, or dehydrated. No added sugar or sweetner. Too good to be true?? Nope! They are light and crispy and my kids LOVE them. It also helps that they have Mickey Mouse on them. Brothers All Natural teamed up with the Disney food line and so the packaging is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I am beyond excited. I googled the company to find out more and discovered there is a blog called FAVEDIETS that is holding a contest right now to win 4 cases... go here to enter:

Good Luck!

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