Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Splashway Water Park - 2 Thumbs up!

Taking advantage of my DH being off work yesterday, we all piled in the mini-van.. ROADTRIP! After much facebook and web research about Splashway Waterpark in Sheridan, TX... we decided to go for it. From Pearland, we decided to travel beltway 8 to I-10 to make a pit-stop at Toys r Us near Katy Mills, for the much anticipated BOGO 1/2 off all Pokemon toys. After that, we were on our way. It took about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to the waterpark. However, we went a different way home, that was faster-- i'll tell ya at the end. The park offers free parking and you are allowed to bring in coolers if you like. We decided to take advantage of the 1/2 price after 3:00 pricing and waited with other frugal fans outside the gate until 2:55. You are given a wrist band just like at schlitterbaghn. There is tons of shade, covered seating, an outdoor cafe, and locker rentals available--also half price after 3 pm. My twins are 4 and LOVED it. There is a height requirement of 42 inches, to be able to ride the really big slides, which we barely made, but were thrilled! The lines were not bad, and there are TONS of smaller slides to play on with no wait at all. Check out their website for pictures and pricing specials for each day of the week. I know that Tuesdays are 2 for 1 tickets! Another good idea, is to become a fan on their facebook page and on Fridays they do a trivia question and you can win tickets or season passes that way too. Discount admission was around 10 bucks per person and we were there from 3-6 (closing), which was great for my 4 year olds. We took advantage of the Flamingo Cafe, and snacked on Pizza Rolls (2 for $3) and gatorade and french fries. They had a good amount of options to choose from with decent prices. There are various water play areas with slides, pirate ships, tunnels, shallow water. Free life jackets are also available at the entrance or you can bring in your own vests and floaties and even baby floats are welcome. There is a lazy river and wave pool with inner tubes floating and you can take this to most of the rides. There are 2 large pipe slides and a large open slide. There is another section that has 2 large yellow pipe slides and 2 orange open drop slides. This section has TONS of water slides all around and in it-- we spent much of our time here! After 3 water-slide packed hours, we were on our way back to pearland. This time we went up hwy 90 which took us through East Bernard and eventually to HWY 59, which we took to HWY 6 to 288 to home! It was much faster and cheaper, in my opinion than going bw8 to I10 to hwy 71. Anyway, I recommend this water park! Please check out their pricing and specials on their website and on their facebook. www.splashwaywaterpark.com


  1. thank you for your posting!! Great info!

  2. Thank you so much for this! As a future P'rland resident..very helpful!!!