Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mythbusters: New Theme Park for Houston?

Ok people, I read it with my own eyes.. saw the facebook posts, tweets, and everything. It even had a spread on!
Name: Earth Quest Adventures
Location: The north side of New Caney, TX off HWY 59
You can go to their website to read all about the plans for the resort, conference center, water park, theme park and thrill rides. In short, it will be super eco-friendly and appears to have a very Epcot and Jurassic Park Vibe, minus the attacking dinos we hope.
The Creator: Don Lessem.. you can read about him on the website.. I'll give you the best part.." consultant to Steven Spielberg, Disney and Universal films and theme parks..."
I heard this about 5 years ago, but that was around the same time that everyone was saying that North Shore, my old side of town, was getting a starbucks and an old navy, so we all laughed it off. BUT..5 years later.. a starbucks proudly brews coffee at the corner of Black Rock and Wallisville Rd. So, here we are, hoping this actually pans out. It says construction is to start in Summer of 2010, with an opening of 2012 or 2013. So, those of us that spent our summers wearing out our season passes at Astroworld..there is hope for our children yet!
Check out the website

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