Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Place to Buy and Sell Kids stuff without leaving your house!

You know I am always looking for a good deal, and I also like to sell stuff to buy more stuff! I have a friend that has started a page to do just that.. without having to pay the fees of Ebay, or avoid the creeps of craigslist.
Silverlake resident Sarah McSpadden's has created a new facebook page! She set it up as a FREE way for anyone around the country to sell/buy precious kids' items.

A *FREE* page for selling your kids' clothing, shoes and accessories!! NO MORE FEES TO SELL YOUR PRECIOUS KIDS' STUFF!!!!

***SHARE** this page LOTSA CUTESTUFF FOR SALE with all your friends via your wall, private message, email, etc. The more LIKES on this page, the faster your stuff will sell!!!!!!!!!

HOW DO I SELL HERE? upload a picture of the item to sell with a description of item, price a...nd size for example. MAKE sure the photo is set to "PUBLIC" view so everyone can view it and comment on it. A buyer comments to buy it either with their paypal email address or they can private message you that info. You send them a Paypal invoice, buyer pays it, you ship item.

HOW DO I BUY HERE? you comment on a photo of an item "SOLD with your paypal email info... OR comment SOLD and then private message the seller with your Paypal information and which item you're buying. See More
A FREE page for selling your kids' items!!!! Just upload a picture with details and price, Paypal the buyer and ship it out! Make sure the photo is made PUBLIC so everyone can view it. You can do this for individual pictures.

EMAIL for any questions!!/pages/Lotsa-Cutestuff-For-Sale/112056022235055
Thanks so much!

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