Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Galleria play area - Two Thumbs Up!

We went to the galleria on Sunday Afternoon, so mom could get a much needed hair cut! Dad and grandma opted to entertain the twins while I did this. So... I take back what I said about the galleria not being super kid-friendly. They are trying! They have made some much needed changes, including, the addition of a new indoor playarea. It is located directly in front of Borders Bookstore in the new section of the galleria. The design/material is the same as that of the woodlands mall, and deerbrook mall and memorial city mall, just newer and cleaner! The theme of the play area is Uptown. It is designed to look like the galleria and surrounding streets and buildings. The cushioned floor mat is covered in streets and even a few cars. The play structures are all buildings, including Williams Tower and Nordstroms. There are various tunnels and bridges and things to climb on. It was really cute and completely surrounded and enclosed and had a ton of seating that also had storage cubbies underneath. There is only one entrance/exit and there is a security guard at that entrance. The height limit is 42 inches and under, but there were taller kids in there as well. I am not sure if the 42 inches is enforced if it gets crowded or not. My boys had a good time playing. The galleria also has a disney store, a lego store, an ice rink, a rainforest cafe, a build-a-bear and dylan's candy store to entertain in addition to all the great stores for mom! There is a train ride that kids can ride for a small fee that takes you around the mall-- just like memorial city mall. Also, in the food court area, they have one of those bungee trampoline things that kids love. Just thought i'd post about our new find!


  1. I want to thank you for your blog -- do you have any suggestions for evening activities with pre-schoolers? We don't have a pool so we are looking for suggestions.... Additionally, we are looking for after school group activities for our 3 year old. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again for your blog -- We have tried out some of your listed summer activities :) We loved the snow cones!

  2. You're welcome! What Part of town do you live in-- maybe I can help find some activities, specific to your area. If you are in pearland, which side?

  3. We live on the west side in Silverlake -- thanks so much! We were thrilled to read your Galleria post and plan to visit soon with our 3 year old and 1 year old :)

    Have a great day!!

  4. Cool- I am in silverlake too! Have you tried the Angelton Rec center? It is open until 8 or 9 i believe. My 4 year olds love it. Also, be sure and check out pearland parks and rec at www.pearlandparks.org and go to the preschool section-- Lots of classes to sign up for. I think you have to click on enroll or something like that to be able to see all the different time slots.