Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Train crazy...

If you have train crazy kids-- don't miss the free things you can do around town! I take my boys to the barnes and noble stores that have train tables in them and we go to the transportation section and get all the train books in the kid section. We have ridden the "fast train"-- the rail downtown, it cost about a dollar or so per ride. Also, you can ride the train at Herman park for about 2.25-- park at the zoo and hop on the train and then you can get off at the park side and play and have a picnic and then hop back on to get back to the zoo side and your car. There is a huge steam locomotive by minute Maid park to look at, and right now kids are free to the astros games and they have a train play area and the train that goes in the outfield when we score! Don't forget about this is the Houston area live steamers, and the 3rd Saturday of each month they offer FREE rides on miniature steam locomotives-- super fun!! There is a run day this Saturday from 9-1-- check out the website. Another free place we go is to the SPCA and look at all the cute animals and there is a train that runs right beside it at various times throughout the day. Lastly-- there is a great park on heights blvd. that is all wooden and huge and there is a train to climb in and pretend to be an engineer. If you are in the heights, wonderwild (, while not free, is a great indoor play place, and even has a kid powered train they can ride on a track. You pedal it with your hands, so even little ones can enjoy this one! Don't forget across the street from the Pearland Library there is a stationary train caboose-- would be a great place to take some great pics!

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